Single Station Wide Table

The fixed table allows the operator to load the parts directly into their fixture as the robot waits in a safe position for the safety door to close before welding.

MOD-WELD Single Station Fixed Wide Table Specs
Exclusive with FANUC Robot
System ModelSSFWT-48-AM50SSFWT-72-AM100SSFWT-96-AM120
6-Axis RobotFANUC ARC Mate 50iDFANUC ARC Mate 100iDFANUC ARC Mate 120iD
Robot Reach36”57”72”
Robot Power480VAC 3PH 60AMP
Robot ProgrammingTeach Pendent Only
Torch Roller Dress-outMOD-WELD Custom
Available I/O8 in 8 out
Available Valve Bank Space(4) closed center / (4) Blanks
Operator Interface / Recipe ManagementRockwell PLC/HMI Interface
Cell Footprint60" x 90"84" x 102"108" x 114"
Table Work Space24" x 48"36" x 72"48" x 96"
Table Hole size16mm Dia 2" x 2" Hole Pattern
Part NumberPart Description
HWSTHeavy Weld Seam Track Software
Custom Weld FixturesSend Drawings for Quote
ABIO-8Additional Allen Bradley I/O, 8 in 8 out
SY7301-5U1-NAAdditional 3 position closed center valve
MW-48-EX-HOOD48” Exhaust Hood with 8" duct
MW-72-EX-HOOD72” Exhaust Hood with 8" duct
MW-96-EX-HOOD96” Exhaust Hood with 8" duct
RANCRobotic auto nozzle cleaner, wire cut, spatter removal, and spatter spray

MOD-WELD Single Station Wide Table

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  • FANUC Robot / Rockwell Controls / Integrated by APT Manufacturing
  • Load/Unload directly into the weld cell
  • Locating holes for Fixtures to be removed and set back up in same location
  • Ease of set up
  • Easy maintenance and cleanliness
  • Side access door for entering in a safe environment
  • Small footprint
  • Recipe Management with room for up to 100 recipes
  • Base model is configured to weld steel (hard metal), soft metals require additional options
  • Power Source Choice of:
    • Miller Auto-Continuum with torch and wire feed
    • Fronius TPS/i with torch and wire feed
Power Supply Choice
-Fronius 400Miller 350
Power SupplyTPSi-400Auto-Continuum 350
Main Voltage200-230V / 380-460 3-PH230-575 V 3-PH
TorchFronius .035 wireTregaskiss .035 wire
Welding Typelinklink
Available TrainingMiller OpenBook
Welder TipsMiller Auto-Continuum™ Tips & Tricks
HHT *FHHT Fronius hand held torch as an addition to the robot torchMHHT Miller hand held torch as an addition to the robot torch
Power Supply Upgrade *TPSi-500 and 600Auto-Continuum 500
COOLER *Fronius ChillerMiller Chiller
SRVT (servo torch) *Fronius Push/Pull Ready SystemFANUC Servo with Binzel Gun
Weld Process Software PMC / LSC / CMT

Base model is configured to weld steel (hard metal),
soft metals require additional options marked with *

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Our standard MOD-WELD systems use APT’s efficient and easy to use operator interface.

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