Cobot MAC Bundle Includes:

  • Miller Auto-Continuum 350
  • Miller Continuum wire drive (.035 wire)
  • Miller Auto-Continuum MIG Kit
  • Tregaskis Robot torch
  • FANUC CRx Collaborative Robot with Miller Library and APT Clever Torch teach button software package ready to teach and weld
  • Operator pushbutton panel integrated to robot controller. Cycle start, teach enable
  • End user to install robot, controller, Miller, etc. to existing fixture table, base, or pedestal
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MOD-WELD Cobot Bundle

FANUC CRX10iA/L with Miller Auto-continuum 350, Miller wire feeder, and torch for end user addition to table. The Cobot has a reach of 1,418mm (55.8 in) and a payload of 10kg.

6-axis robotFANUC CRX-10iA/L
Miller power source Auto-Continuum™ 350
Welding Material
Clever Torch Teach Guidancey
Miller Hand Torch Optiony
Robot ProgrammingTablet only
FANUC Robot reach55"
Power Needed FANUC110v 20 amp
Power Needed Miller230–575 V 3-phase, 50/60 Hz


APT Features

APT Clever Torch kit for CRX.

Torch mounted integral buttons for aiding in programming of CRX robot. Clever torch has two buttons, one for selecting movement and one for teaching point.

Operator panel with 15′ pigtail and integrated to robot I/O by APT. Button station will contain cycle start button and  teach enable selector switch.

FANUC features

Fanuc CRX 10iA/L six axis collaborative robot with FANUC R30iB Mini Plus controller. 10kg (22 lbs.) maximum payload with 1,418mm (55.8 in) reach.

The FANUC CRX cobot is safe, flexible, quick to implement and easy to program. The robot will stop upon contact with people. It is human friendly with a smooth and rounded design.

CRX Robot
Miller Features

Miller Continuum 350 MIG welder system with Tregaskiss torch gun. All required cables to integrate CRX cobot to welder system.

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