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APT Manufacturing Solutions

Phone: 419-542-6681

801 Industrial Drive,
P.O. Box 88 Hicksville,
OH 43526

Why Hicksville, Ohio? Our location is strategic, and we believe that this strategic location benefits you in the following ways:

1. We are in the manufacturing belt of the midwest, a proud successor of a midwest population that has been producing mass-automobiles for almost a century.

2. We are 3 hours from many major metropolitan areas, allowing us to service the midwest very quickly and effectively. A few of those cities include: Cleveland, OH, Columbus, OH, Dayton, OH, Cincinnati, OH, Fort Wayne, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Chicago, IL, Louisville, KY.

3. The cost of living in smaller communities is lower than that of larger cities, and allows us to keep our pricing extremely competitive for our customers while providing secure jobs for our associates.

4. We are strategically located in an area that has low exposure to natural disasters such as: tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, and hurricanes. This is important when you are choosing a partner that you can rely on for years to come.

5. Our people are our competitive advantage. We’ve been told countless times by our customers that our people possess an ability to “get the job done” even in the face of intense adversity. We’ve always attributed this to the farming roots in which our community was built.

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