Industrial Learning System

Start with a BASE and add MODULES for almost any industrial training.

  • Add up to 12 modules to each base
  • Accommodates multiple applications and/or multiple students
  • Each board location has 24VDC and compressed air supply
  • Each module includes a project print
  • Integrate to any FANUC robot using a PLC-to-ethernet IP; either with an ethernet cord or 2 of the wireless module options, one for the robot and one for the PLC
  • Purchase a blank panel and create your own board
  • Fits through standard doorway

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Start with the base…

  • Overhead work light
  • 110VAC 24v power strip
  • On-board air compressor
  • Programmable LED lighting
  • Ample storage space
  • Wire drawer
  • Welded cart w/ casters for mobility

Optional module storage rack

Add Fully Configurable Learning Modules

Fluid Power, Pneumatics



Motion Control


iLS PLC Module
ElectronicsBreadboard ModuleBasic DC Circuits, w/solderless breadboard and DC Power (+24VDC, +12VDC, +5VDC, 0VDC, -12VDC) and various semiconductor components for fundamental circuit design principles, size 1
Fluid PowerPneumatics Module - DiscreteSMC Pneumatic Individual Valves, includes 4 controllable valves of various types, hard-wired via cable to M12 connector, size 2
Fluid PowerPneumatics Module - Ethernet IPSMC Pneumatic Valve Manifold, includes 4 controllable valves of various types, Ethernet IP comms, size 1 Requires a PLC
Fluid PowerAutomated Project ModuleFluid Power Automation, includes various pneumatic actuators, vacuum, and sensor technology. Requires simple logic control to perform a sequence of operation, size 1 Recommend ILSM-W1-P-SMC4PV or ILSM-W2-P-SMC4VIND
Industrial ControlRelay ModuleVarious relays and timers, 2 illuminated push buttons, size 1 Conveyor Not Included
Industrial ControlSensor ModuleSensor Sample, includes various types of devices common in industry. Includes, but not limited to, proximity, photoeye, ultrasonic, etc., size 2
Motor/Motion ControlGearmotor ModuleInverter-duty, 3 Phase Gearmotor, 240 VAC, rotating disk, proximity sensor. Requires a VFD
Motor/Motion ControlMotor Control Module - VFDRA Powerflex VFD, Variable Frequency Drive for 240VAC, 3 phase inverter-duty gearmotor, size 1 Recommend with ILSM-T4-OR3PHGM
Motor/Motion ControlConveyor ModuleTabletop conveyor, Variable Speed Control, Brushless DC gearmotor, Non-magnetic mounting, 4-1/2”W x 36”L, Photoeye each end, Ethernet IP capable (but not required)
Operator InterfacePush Button ModulePush Button Interface Panel, 9 devices, pushbuttons, switches, potentiometer, tri-color bubble light, size 2
Operator InterfaceHMI ModuleRockwell Automation Panelview 5000 HMI, 10” Screen, size 2
PLC/NetworkPLC Module-GuardlogixSafety PLC w/ RA Guardlogix 5069 safety PLC, 1 safety input and 1 safety output card, 1 standard input and 1 standard output card, size 1
Safety SystemsSafety Module - E StopE-stop safety panel, safety relays, reset button, and indicator light, size 1 Conveyor Not Included
Safety SystemsSafety Module - Door InterlocksCommon safety rated door interlocks, rectangular non-contact, solenoid locking, trapped key, size 2
Safety SystemsSafety Module - Light CurtainTabletop light curtain emitter and receiver, 300mm length
Safety SystemsSafety Module - Area ScanTabletop area scanner, 270 degree sweep


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