Enjoy What You Do

enjoy where you do it

About Us

Since 1996, we’ve solved our customers’ problems and helped them drive their product to market.  We are a skilled team of hard-working machinists with farm roots, committed to building a product we’re proud of so that we can provide for our family and raise up the next generation of machinists “the right way”.

Our secret advantage is the community in which we live and work. Our “farm roots” taught us our values: hard work, integrity, and helping each other out. We run some of the newest and the oldest machines in our field (and everything in between), always obsessing over quality and taking real pride in our craftsmanship. We make time to attend family functions and the Friday night football game.  We are among the best machinists, welders, robot assembly technicians, robot programmers, and engineers in our field and our customers know it.

Our Values

Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly as though you were doing it for the Lord and not merely for people. Colossians 3:23.

Tony, the owner of APT, will tell you that we have three priorities: God, family, and work.  They are in order, but just because work is number three doesn’t make it unimportant—work is how you provide for your family and how you tithe to your church.  Because of that, we get stuff done, because we believe in hard work and finding a way to win.  We help each other out and pitch in to get things done, no matter what your “job” is supposed to be.  We don’t care about your past, we care about your future: talk is cheap, but if you drive results, you will be successful with us. And the people who deliver here are a diverse group: white collar, blue collar, different faiths, different cultures—again, we focus on results and there’s always room for people on our team who get things done.

Our Location

We are located in the best place to raise a family.  We’re close to major urban centers so there’s something available for everyone.  The cost of housing is the lowest anywhere in the US.  You need to check out Hicksville, Ohio.


We are located in a growing, safe,  and affordable small town with strong traditions and an even stronger community.  We’re 45 minutes from major shopping and city life in Fort Wayne, and 3 hours away from Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati.  Our school system is healthy and community supported, and our school building is brand new and state-of-the-art.  Our town is friendly and growing—we’re the kind of place where people still hold the door for mothers and elders. 

Our region has a perfect mix of downtown, out of town, upscale, and low key activities for everyone.  Locals looks forward to the Friday night football game, and yes, the whole town empties out and travels with the team to away games.  There’s also the fall fair before school starts.  In nearby Fort Wayne, there are summer and fall festivals every week, including Johnny Appleseed Festival, GermanFest, RibFest, Buskerfest, and much more.  We are located within an hour of many recreational lakes, and “going to the lake” every weekend in summer is normal life for us.  We love Hicksville and we think you will too.