Robot Accessories

APT offers various accessories for your educational equipment:

  • Safety Fencing
  • Conveyors
  • Robot Pedestals
  • CRX Mobile Carts
accessories header kit plus mobile base


Safety Fencing

Create a “Lab Environment Work Cell” for Robots

This is industrial guarding “STRONGUARD ®” used in industry for perimeter guarding around robot cells. We offer this to education for students to safely run the robot and additional students see over the top of the guarding for instructional purposes. All the standard guarding is 53” tall for visibility, we offer a few kits that we feel would be best used for these robots:

  • 5’ x 5’ for SCARA or FANUC LR Mate
  • 7’ x 7’ for FANUC M10
  • 10’ x 10’ for FANUC M20

The safety mesh is 2” x 2” black coated, the post and frames are made of steel and are powder coated Safety Yellow.

  • We offer several safety options that include:
  • Gated entry with latch and interlock switch.
  • Light curtain, three-sided guarding with one open side.
  • Area scanner kit with narrower side panels.


Add a Conveyor to your “Lab Environment” either a tabletop or mobile free-standing style

This is industrial “Swivellink® Conveyor” is a great way to add value to a classroom. The options are endless, in industry this would be used for the robot to follow or receive a product along with picking or place products to and from the conveyor. Whether you chose the tabletop magnet mounts or the mobile free standing adjustable height style with locking swivel casters for portability the conveyor is as follows:

  • Belt conveyor with variable speed capability (conveyor mounted speed control)
  • 4-1/2″ wide bed, 4-1/4″ wide belt, 36″ overall length conveyor
  • Side rails, one side fixed, opposite side adjustable
  • Hard stop each end of conveyor
  • Optical sensor at idle end of conveyor on adjustable mount
  • Optical sensor at drive end of conveyor on adjustable mount
  • Sensor cables and motor control forward / reverse terminated in small junction box
  • 120 VAC Power cable

The Tabletop magnet conveyor can be placed onto a steel surface utilizing the magnets on the base to keep it in place. The magnets have a handle to activate the magnet on and off. The height (top of belt) approximately 6.75″ off the table.

The Free-Standing conveyor overall height from the floor is adjustable from approximately 26” up to 35 off the floor.

Robot Pedestals

Looking for a way to mount your FANUC LR Mate?

We stock pedestals for the CRX and LR Mate robots. Our pedestals range from 24” to 48” tall in 6” increments. They feature holes for leveling and anchoring, Steel welded construction and a powder coat finish.

When mounting these robots we recommend looking at the guarding that we list on this page as well. Always be safe when operating a robot.

CRX Accessories

Add all the accessories to complete your FANUC CRX purchase for your lab

Are you purchasing a FANUC CRX for your classroom and wondering what kits are out there to enhance your Project Based Learning and Mobility?


Mobile Cart Specs:

  • 27 1/2” wide x 47 1/4” long

Mobile Cart Additional Options:

  • Extension Wings
  • Robot End-of-Arm Tool
    • Schunk CoAct collaborative EOAT
    • Parallel gripper kit with 2 jaws for 3” blocks
    • Ready to connect to FANUC CRX
  • Parts Presentation Kit with 3” Foam Dice Blocks
    • Fixed grid, 12 location diamond template with six (6) 3” foam dice cubes
    • Pegboard reconfigurable template with 50 locator pegs and six(6) 3” foam dice cubes

CRX Mobile Base

Mobile Base:

  • Base with 3 leveling feet and 3 casters
  • Pedestal
  • Controller mount
  • Fitting through a standard doorway is very tight, on a 36” entry door

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