Training Opportunities

Product Training

We understand that one of the most important pieces to ensure success is to make sure you are comfortable using your products and equipment.

This is why we offer product training classes for our products. In these classes, you can expect hands-on training, while technical experts walk you through daily operations, programming, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and much more. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into the purpose and functionality of the equipment, and feel at-ease when you are using the equipment at your facility. Click here to view training dates available.

High School Training Center

We believe that educating our young people is our contribution to developing the future workforce for advanced manufacturing.

In 2015, APT announced a state-of-the-art high school training center to address the skills gap in the manufacturing sector. This program was a result of a powerful partnership with our local colleges, school districts, and county economic development.

Students have the opportunity to participate in 4 week internship programs at APT to apply hands-on learning to the concepts from their classroom. They learn through both hands-on and classroom environments in several areas of manufacturing, including basic tools and tradespeak, machining, welding, machine assembly, mechanical and electrical engineering, electrical panel building, and robot programming. Projects vary from year to year, and some are newly designed equipment that APT will use in its processes in the future.

We believe this is a strong foundational training program for Northwest Ohio and surrounding areas which will expose these students to the opportunities of advanced manufacturing careers.

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APT believes that the apprenticeship learning model is the most powerful tool in teaching skilled trades.

After all, the partnership between community colleges and manufacturers can teach theoretical concepts while the student is applying them in everyday work alongside a veteran mentor.

We currently have four state-registered apprenticeships: Toolmaker, CNC Machinist, Electromechanical Technician, and Automation Assembly. Alongside those, we also customize training plans for other positions including things like welding certifications, FANUC on-site training certifications, and Rockwell e-learning and certifications.

These programs run from a few months to four years and can earn certifications and certificates of completion that are recognized nation-wide


At APT, we are always on the hunt for future employees to add to our team.

Our typical internships, when available, are in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and controls engineering. Our co-cops work in partnership with vocational schools in the areas of precision machining, welding, and industrial wiring & assembly.

Post-College Transition Program

Training never ends... we want to help you make the transition from college to your career.

In college you learn theory, as well as critical and logical thinking. Your capacity for learning expands, and you are primed for your future career. We want to give you a hands-on approach to apply your knowledge in an industrial environment. This is done through a strategic plan and dedicated mentorship from a veteran in your field of study.

This foundation will ensure a strong and successful career.

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