Operator Interface

Our operator interface is made to be efficient and straightforward, featuring:

  • Fewer HMI control touch points
  • Recipe management
  • Visual factory concepts
  • Simplified maintenance and troubleshooting
HMI screen


The System tab used for general machine setup. A majority of the functions available have security requirements to access them. Some Functions on the System HMI screens include: VFD frequency setup, Recipe Management System, Inspection Limits, I/O Link Setup, Login, and System Security Settings.


The Operations tab is used for general machine operation and functionality. 3D model images are shown on the screen for ease of use. Status Indicators, Mode Control, and Manual Operations, along with Operational and Fault Messages, are displayed on these screens.


The Robot tab displays all communication and I/O interface between the system PLC and robot. Users may also manually control the functions of the robot and call a specific robot program to run from this screen.


The I/O tab shows all I/O within the system. It displays the on/off status, and has the option to run diagnostics for aid in troubleshooting.


The Production tab allows the user to view and capture production data to be used for business analytics. Users are able to edit the parameters and schedule system runs with recipe management and the production scheduler

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