Cobot MAC Traveler

  • Mobile Base welded construction powder coat finish with anti-tip outriggers
  • FANUC CRx Collaborative Robot and APT Clever Torch teach button software package ready to teach and weld.
  • APT Clever Torch for ease of movement and teaching the robot. Additional button feature built in for tack welding.
  • Gas bottle storage on mobile base
  • Push the Robot and mobile Base up to the work or existing table
  • 6” Casters for ease of movement
  • Power Source Choice of:
    • Miller Auto-Continuum with torch and wire feed
    • Fronius TPS/i with torch and wire feed
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MOD-WELD Traveler

MOD-WELD Travel Base with FANUC CRX

MOD-WELD Traveler
MOD-WELD Traveler SpecsPower Supply Choice
Exclusive with FANUC Cobot
System ModelTRAVELER-MW25-350-Fronius 400Miller 350
6-Axis RobotFANUC CRX-25iAPower SupplyTPSi-400Auto-Continuum 350
Robot Reach74"Main Voltage200-230V / 380-460 3-PH230-575 V 3-PH
Robot Power110v 20 ampTorchFronius .035 wireTregaskiss .035 wire
Robot ProgrammingTablet onlyWelding Typelinklink
Robot Torch GuidanceClever Torch Teach GuidanceAvailable TrainingMiller OpenBook
Torch Roller Dress-outMOD-WELD CustomWelder TipsMiller Auto-Continuum™ Tips & Tricks
Footprint (for mobility)44” W x 76-1/2” L
Footprint (outriggers deployed) 88-1/2” W x 93-3/4” L
Approx Weight w/ Welder1700 lbs
Part NumberPart Description-DescriptionDescription
HWSTHeavy Weld Seam Track SoftwareHHTFHHT Fronius hand held torch as an addition to the robot torchMHHT Miller hand held torch as an addition to the robot torch
Custom Weld FixturesSend Drawings for QuotePower Supply UpgradeTPSi-500 and 600Auto-Continuum 500
COOLERFronius ChillerMiller Chiller
SRVT (servo torch)Fronius Push/Pull Ready SystemFANUC Servo with Binzel Gun
CTRM (Auto Reamer)FroniusTregaskiss
Weld Process Software PMC / LSC / CMT

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