Connected Smart Manufacturing Training System

  • Integrated industrial production line
  • Industry 4.0 IIoT
  • FANUC & Rockwell integration
    • Part traceability and marking
    • Safety PLC
    • Safety area scan
    • Assembly station
    • Fault detection
    • Vision
    • Conveyors
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Certifications, Curriculum, & Software


FANUC Robotics Courses:

  • HandlingTool Operation and Programming
  • HandlingPRO
  • iRVision 2D
  • Advanced TPP
  • DCS
  • ROBODRILL Maintenance

CNC Concepts Courses:

  • Machining, Programming, Setup, and Operation
  • Turning, Programming, Setup, and Operation
  • FANUC Simulator Exercises

Rockwell Automation Courses:

  • CCP 183: Ethernet / IP Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • CCP 146: Logix 5000 System Fundamentals
  • CCP153: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • CCP 151: Basic Ladder Logic Programming
  • CCP 143: Ladder Logic Project Development
  • CCV 204-A: FactoryTalk View ME & PanelView Plus Programming
  • INA 201: Industrial Network Architecture Foundation
  • INA 202: Industrial Network Architecture Intermediate
  • CCP 251: Advanced Logix 5000 Programmer
  • CCP 154: Studio Logix Designer Level 4 ST & SFC
  • SAF LOG 104: Guard Logix (and Banner) application development
  • CCA 185: Power Flex 525 Drive Startup and Configuration
  • INA 203: Industrial Network Architecture Advanced Part 1
  • INA 204: Industrial Network Architecture Advanced Part 2
  • CCN 130: Motion Control Fund
  • CCN 144: Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 4: Kinetix 5500/6500 (CIP) Programming

APT Integration Courses:

  • Schematic Reading Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Integration – Labs and Exercises
  • Intermediate Concepts: Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Industrial Equipment
  • Introduction to Industrial Automation and Integration
  • Basic Integration Labs: PLC, HMI, Robot, Ancillary Components
  • Introduction to Safety Systems
  • Robot to CNC: Integration Fundamentals and Labs
  • Safety Systems, Standards Design, and Application
  • Integration: Part Traceability
  • Integration: I/O Link Technology
  • Integration: RFID Technology
  • Integration: Advanced Integration of Industrial Equipment
  • Integration: Advanced Part Tracking and Messaging
  • Integration: Industrial 4.0 and IIoT

Career Paths and Certifications

Career Paths:

  • FANUC Robot Operator – Material Handling
  • CNC Operator
  • PLC/Controls Operator
  • FANUC Robot Technician
  • CNC Machine Technician
  • Maintenance Technician
  • PLC/Controls Technician Robot Integration
  • Industrial Controls Integrator
  • Applied Engineering of Robotics, Automation, and Industrial Systems

NOCTI Certifications:

  • FCR-01 (FANUC Certified Operator 1) – Written
  • FCR-02 (FANUC Certified Operator 2) – Performance
  • FCR-T1 (FANUC Certified Robot Technician 2)


NIMS Certifications:

  • CNC Mill Programming Setup and Operation
  • CNC Mill Operations


FANUC-Rockwell Certifications:

  • Level 3 Systems Integrator Certification


FANUC certified education logo

Material Handling (MH) CERT Instructor Training and Toolkit:

  • (1) online seat for CERT Cart Safety Features web course
  • (1) online seat for Robot Operations web course
  • (1) online seat for HandlingTool or ArcTool Operation and Programming web course
  • (1) online seat for HandlingPRO or WeldPRO web course
  • (1) seat for live HandlingTool or ArcTool Operation and Programming class at a FANUC facility
  • (1) ROBOGUIDE Simulation Software license
  • (1) FANUC Robot Operations Manual
  • (1) FANUC HandlingTool or ArcTool Operations and Programming Manual
  • (1) FANUC HandlingPRO (ROBOGUIDE Simulation) Manual

Material Handling (MH) CERT School Comprehensive Educational Package:

  • (25) online seats for Robot Operations web course
  • (25) online seats for HandlingTool or ArcTool Operation and Programming web course
  • (25) online seats for HandlingPRO or WeldPRO web course
  • (25) ROBOGUIDE Simulation software licenses


  • FANUC CNC industry-recognized certification
  • School instructor receives FANUC training using FANUC-approved curriculum
  • FANUC CNC Simulators and FANUC CNC controller for student’s certification
  • Student will receive letter of completion and instructor can issue student certificates from provided template

*FANUC Education Grant available for new Educational Institutes. Work with reseller to confirm details.

Rockwell Automation Logo


1 year subscription of Rockwell Automation EDU Toolkit Bundle

  • Studio 5000 Logix Designer®
  • Studio 5000 View Designer
  • + over 100 more pieces of Rockwell software


(10) seats of Learning+ course content

Both are renewable each year through your local distributor.


APT Integration

This system is truly like no other Industrial System for Education Institutions.

Your students will use FANUC/Rockwell products on a factory system to understand a fully integrated line. Each cart can also be detached for individual learning.


Integration from:

  • FANUC CNC Machine Making Product
  • OP-10 Machine Tending the CNC
  • OP-20 Laser Marking the product
  • OP-30 Assembly of the product
  • OP-40 Packaging the product in boxes
FANUC Robotics
  • FANUC 30iB Plus Robot Controller
  • FANUC LR Mate 200iD 4S 6 axis robot
  • 2D iRVision Optional


FANUC’s new R-30iB Plus Robot Controllers feature the new iPendant with enhanced screen resolution and processing capability. The new user interface, iHMI, can display guides for setup and programming, as well as tutorials from the main home page which has a design common to FANUC CNCs, enabling easier use of robots.

Using the programming guide, even first-time robot users can create a program for a simple handling task and execute it in just 30 minutes! Easier usage also improves efficiency by facilitating system setup and maintenance.

FANUC Robodrill CNC

High-Performance Vertical Machining Center
α-D14MiB(5) / α-D21MiB(5)
The ultimate all-round vertical machining center
Model M, perfect for milling and drilling tasks requiring maximum precision, versatility and reliability.

  • Optimal acceleration and deceleration control
  • Rigid Design
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Extremely Fast .9 second tool change
  • High Precision Control
  • Designed for easy automation

See FANUC’s ROBODRILL Brochure ⏩
(not all features included with the education package)

Rockwell Automation Features
  • Rockwell CompactLogix or GuardLogix PLC cell control
  • Rockwell PanelView 10″ touch screen interface with cell function screens
  • Safety interlocked entry door
  • 16 remote accessible configurable I/O points
  • 3 color beacon light
  • Main power disconnects
  • Program access port on outside of panel
  • Area scan safety for robot work area




Machine Tending

Laser Etching or Serialization






Laser Etching or Serialization

Machine Tending

Levil CNC

PBL - Project Based Learning

PBL Dice Container
PBL Clock in box

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