Classroom Design Services

APT’s Design Team is comprised of field experts with years of experience in:

  • Engineering
  • Automation
  • Management
  • Material Handling
  • Mechanical
  • Design

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Let us design your classroom with industry-recognized equipment and curriculum

High School program for robotics and CNC

Classroom Overhead View
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APT equipment

  • 2 APT iIM5.0 Mechatronics CERT carts with PLC
  • 2 APT CRX Cobot training carts
  • FANUC R2000iC/165F robot cell
  • Swivellink conveyor for R2000
  • iCC PLC Panel for R2000 robot
  • APT 4 Drawer tool cabinets under workbenches

FANUC equipment

  • 4 FANUC Fenceless CERT carts
  • FANUC Roboguide training on desks with FANUC iPendant (teach pendant)
  • FANUC CNC simulator trainers on desks
  • Levil LTC-F30 CNC Lathe
  • Levil LMV-F400 CNC Mill

Other equipment

  • Storage racks for FANUC teach pendants
  • Storage racks for FANUC CNC Simulators
  • Instructor desk
  • Student desks
  • Wall mounted monitor
  • 2 Wall mounted white boards
  • Universal laser cutter with fume extractor
  • Student programming desk at R2000
  • Wall cabinets and workbenches

Level 1 robotics, CNC, and PLC training

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APT Equipment

  • 2 APT CRX Cobot training carts
  • 4 iCC PLC/HMI trainers on desks,
  • FANUC Robodrill CNC Mills with MTEC robot tender
  • Levil LMV-F400 CNC Mill with APT MTEC robot tender

FANUC Equipment

  • Levil LTC-F30 CNC Lathe
  • Levil LMV-F400 CNC Mill

Other Equipment

  • Storage rack for iCC PLC trainers
  • Instructor desks
  • Student desks
  • Wall mounted monitors
  • 5 Wall mounted white boards
  • Wall cabinets and workbenches

CNC Machining program & Introduction to Robotics with CNC Integration

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APT Equipment

  • 4 MTEC-SIM
  • 2 FANUC Robodrill CNC Mills
  • 2 FANUC Robodrill CNC Mills with MTEC robot tenders

FANUC Equipment

  • 12 Levil LTC-F30 CNC Lathe
  • 12 Levil LMV-F400 CNC Mill
  • 4 Doosan LEO 1600

Other equipment

  • 32 tool storage cabinets with workbench tops
  • Lockers

Classroom for Learning Levels 1-3, Welding, & PLC HMI Training

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Equipment List

  • 4X FANUC Fenceless CERT carts
  • 3 of the carts will have APT conveyors and wireless input and valve modules added
  • 3X FANUC CRX training carts with pegboard pick templates
  • 4X iIM Mechatronics CERT cart
  • 2X APTARC50 FANUC/Miller Weld Cert carts
  • 2X Miller manual Mig weld work stations with fume extractor
  • 1X CSM-10203040 with Robodrill
  • 8X iCC PLC/HMI trainers
  • 8X FANUC CNC simulators


  • 2x instructor desk
  • 8x student desks, 2 students per desk
  • 3x student work bench collaboration area
  • 1x student work bench near CSM at wall for STEM work with pegboard wall storage
  • 2x iCC storage carts
  • 2x FANUC CNC simulator storage carts
  • 8x student mobile tool carts, 3 drawer
  • 8x wall storage cabinets
  • 3x wall tall storage cabinets
  • 2x 65” wall monitors
  • 4x wall whiteboards
  • 12x 6’ weld screens to wall in welding area
  • 2x industrial storage shelves for project materials
  • 1x student lockers
Classroom Layout
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Layout Blueprints

Our design team will talk to you to get an understanding of your initiatives and goals.

We will then design a classroom with automation and robotics equipment and curriculum to make your students a valuable candidate to employers.

We will align education solutions with your budget requirements, with consideration for local industry relatability, software licensing requirements and maintenance costs.

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  • Rockwell PLC
  • FANUC Robotics
  • Swivellink® Conveyor
  • Robotics
  • PLC
  • Safety
  • Pneumatics
  • I/O
  • Vision


  • Long-term plan
  • Variety of learning options
  • Environmental and lighting requirements
  • Utility requirements and locations
  • Enough space for equipment and collaboration
  • Plan for future growth
  • Understanding local industry needs

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