Dual Station Rotary Table

The rotary table allows the operator to load/unload the product outside of the weld cell, then the rotary table will bring the product into the cell for welding. When the robot has completed the welds on side “A” it will rotate table and begin welding side “B”

MOD-WELD Dual Station Rotary Table Specs
Exclusive with FANUC Robot
System ModelDSRT-48-AM50DSRT-72-AM100DSRT-96-AM120
6-Axis RobotFANUC ARC Mate 50iDFANUC ARC Mate 100iDFANUC ARC Mate 120iD
Robot Reach36”57”72”
Robot Power480VAC 3PH 60AMP
Robot ProgrammingTeach Pendent Only
Torch Roller Dress-outMOD-WELD Custom
Available I/O8 in 8 out
Available Valve Bank Space(4) closed center / (4) Blanks
Operator Interface / Recipe ManagementRockwell PLC/HMI Interface
Cell Footprint60" x 120"84" x 144"108" x 168"
Table Work SpaceAuto Index 48" DiaAuto Index 72" DiaAuto Index 96" Dia
Table Hole size16mm Dia 2" x 2" Hole Pattern
Part NumberPart Description
HWSTHeavy Weld Seam Track Software
Custom Weld FixturesSend Drawings for Quote
ABIO-8Additional Allen Bradley I/O, 8 in 8 out
SY7301-5U1-NAAdditional 3 position closed center valve
MW-48-EX-HOOD48” Exhaust Hood with 8" duct
MW-72-EX-HOOD72” Exhaust Hood with 8" duct
MW-96-EX-HOOD96” Exhaust Hood with 8" duct
RANCRobotic auto nozzle cleaner, wire cut, spatter removal, and spatter spray

MOD-WELD Dual Station Rotary Table

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  • FANUC Robot / Rockwell Controls / Integrated by APT Manufacturing
  • Load/Unload directly into the weld cell
  • Locating holes for Fixtures to be removed and set back up in same location
  • Ease of set up
  • Easy maintenance and cleanliness
  • Side access door for entering in a safe environment
  • Small footprint
  • Recipe Management with room for up to 100 recipes
  • Base model is configured to weld steel (hard metal), soft metals require additional options
  • Power Source Choice of:
    • Miller Auto-Continuum with torch and wire feed
    • Fronius TPS/i with torch and wire feed
Power Supply Choice
-Fronius 400Miller 350
Power SupplyTPSi-400Auto-Continuum 350
Main Voltage200-230V / 380-460 3-PH230-575 V 3-PH
TorchFronius .035 wireTregaskiss .035 wire
Welding Typelinklink
Available TrainingMiller OpenBook
Welder TipsMiller Auto-Continuum™ Tips & Tricks
HHT *FHHT Fronius hand held torch as an addition to the robot torchMHHT Miller hand held torch as an addition to the robot torch
Power Supply Upgrade *TPSi-500 and 600Auto-Continuum 500
COOLER *Fronius ChillerMiller Chiller
SRVT (servo torch) *Fronius Push/Pull Ready SystemFANUC Servo with Binzel Gun
Weld Process Software PMC / LSC / CMT

Base model is configured to weld steel (hard metal),
soft metals require additional options marked with *

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Our standard MOD-WELD systems use APT’s efficient and easy to use operator interface.

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