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APT is an authorized system integrator exclusive to FANUC America that builds fully integrated systems for packing and palletizing products. These systems are designed to work with upstream and downstream equipment such as: case erectors, case closers, label applicators, and stretch wrap machines.

The robot systems are equipped with a user-friendly HMI/PLC Rockwell operator interface. The cobot CRX25 palletizer has the option of the HMI/PLC operator interface or the use of the tablet. This allows operators, supervisors, or maintenance to quickly navigate the equipment on the floor.


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  • Exclusive FANUC ASI “Authorized System Integrator”
  • FANUC High Speed Picking Certified
  • Top 1% in the U.S. as an “ASI”
  • Rockwell Automation Partner
  • A-3 RIA Certified Robot Risk Assessment Company

Integrated with:

  • Case Erectors
  • Case Closure
  • Label Applicator
  • Stretch Wrap
  • APT Built Zoned Infeed Conveyors

Frame Options:

  • Welded Construction Powder coat
  • Welded Construction Stainless Steel washdown

FANUC Palletizing Robots:

  • R-1000iA/80H
  • M410iB/140H

FANUC Packaging Robots:

  • LR-Mate: 200iD/7L
  • M10iD/12
  • M20iD/25

FANUC High Speed Pick Pack Robots:

  • M-2 Delta Style
  • M-3 Delta Style
FANUC Robots
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  • Operator Friendly Rockwell HMI Interface
  • Recipe Management System for program storage
  • Easy to add new programs


The interlocking pattern is a unique design as it allows for the system to be reconfigured and redeployed. Countless options are available with the modular mix and match designs.

We offer both FANUC R-1000 and FANUC M410 Robot options, powered by Rockwell controls.

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APT’s pre-designed modular systems are intended for ease of build, maintenance, and operator use. Customers that purchase the APT-PAK systems save both engineering and programming cost.

We offer a FANUC 6 axis robot floor mounted or a FANUC Delta Style robot that is hung in our modular frame system.

Standard Packing

Standard APT-PAK system
  • FANUC 6 Axis Robots with various payloads
  • FANUC iR Pick Tool utilized for high-speed picking logic
  • System accommodates a variety of product infeed methods
  • Example of product types
    • Cartons
    • Pouches
    • Small tubs
    • Chipboard sleeves
    • Film wrapped bundles
    • Cups
    • Bottles
  • Product insertion with a variety of robot tooling capabilities
  • Case flap management
  • Integration with:
    • Case erector
    • Label applicator: side or corner wrap
    • Ink jet coder
    • Case sealer: tape or glue
  • APT conveyor systems with fully integrated controls
  • All our case packaging equipment integrates directly with APT’s MOD-PAL® to palletized finished cases

High Speed Packing

High speed APT-PACK system
  • Standard Modular Frame to be stackable side by side
  • FANUC Delta style robots for high-speed picking
  • FANUC iR Pick Tool utilized for high-speed picking logic
  • FANUC Line Track Vision for picking various orientations and infeed methods
  • Rates up to 100 picks per minute (depending on product and product insertion method)
  • Product infeed conveyors
  • Case infeed conveyor
  • Ability to handle many products:
      • Pouches
      • Plastic retail packs
      • Chipboard sleeved products
    • Various unwrapped products
  • Case flap management
  • Random product infeed
  • Product insertion via a variety of robot tooling capabilities
  • Integration with:
    • Carton informer and erector
    • Label applicator side or corner wrap
    • Ink jet coder
    • Carton sealer tape or glue
  • APT conveyor systems with fully integrated controls
  • All of our packaging equipment integrates directly with APT’s MOD-PAL® to palletized finished products

Our systems use APT’s efficient and easy to use operator interface.

The System tab used for general machine setup. A majority of the functions available have security requirements to access them. Some Functions on the System HMI screens include: VFD frequency setup, Recipe Management System, Inspection Limits, I/O Link Setup, Login, and System Security Settings.
The Operations tab is used for general machine operation and functionality. 3D model images are shown on the screen for ease of use. Status Indicators, Mode Control, and Manual Operations, along with Operational and Fault Messages, are displayed on these screens.
The Robot tab displays all communication and I/O interface between the system PLC and robot. Users may also manually control the functions of the robot and call a specific robot program to run from this screen.
The I/O tab shows all I/O within the system. It displays the on/off status, and has the option to run diagnostics for aid in troubleshooting.
The Production tab allows the user to view and capture production data to be used for business analytics. Users are able to edit the parameters and schedule system runs with recipe management and the production scheduler

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