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PLC/HMI Trainer

Bringing Reality of Industry into the Classroom

  • PLC Robot Integration with installed Template
  • Purchased Complete or as a kit
  • Rockwell Software and E-Learning
  • APT Curriculum for PBL and Integration to Robot
iCC PLC/HMI trainer

Bringing Industry Equipment to the Classroom

Module Map

Module 201 – 24 hours

APT Education:

Panel Building

Module 120 – 16 hours

Rockwell – CCP146:

Logix5000 System Fundamentals

Module 121 – 16 hours

Rockwell – CCP151:

Basic Ladder Logic Programming

Module 122 – 32 hours

Rockwell – CCP143:

Project Development

Module 101 – 32 hours


HandlingTool Operation and Programming

Module 202 – 32 hours

APT Education:

Introduction to Integration

Many different paths

Rockwell – CCP153:

Maintenance and Troubleshooting




This trainer was developed by APT Manufacturing, Rockwell Automation and FANUC America. We wanted an industrial system that students at all levels can learn from. The beginner can learn panel build and basic ladder program and the advance can write their own programs and integrate with an existing Robot.





This trainer can be used with a FANUC CERT Cart or FANUC Robot.

FANUC Fenceless CERT

This is designed to integrate and operate the Robot from a PLC. Integration is vital for students to understand and learn how to operate the Robot.

Rockwell Automation Features


  • Compact Logix 5380
  • Panelview 5000 10.4”
  • 5 Port Ethernet Switch
  • Dual IP Mode
  • 16 ethernet node
  • 2 CIP Axis Connections
  • Ladder Structured Text
  • Sequential Function Chart
  • Wireless ethernet bolt
  • Colored Lights for programs
  • Selector Switch

Certifications, Curriculum & Software

FANUC certified education logo

If purchased with a FANUC Robot or FANUC CERT cart then it would qualify for the Handling Tool CERT. If vision was added to the robot or CERT cart then it would also qualify for iRVision. This PLC Trainer is a partnership between Rockwell, FANUC and APT Manufacturing Solutions

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Rockwell Automation EDU Toolkit Bundle with 1 year subscription:

  • (1) Studio 5000 Logix Designer®
  • (1) Studio 5000 View Designer
  • Plus over 100 more

(2) 1-year e-learning subscription:

  • CompactLogix™ 5000 System Fundamentals
  • Basic Ladder Logic Project Development
  • Plus many more
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Integration Project-Based Learning (PBL) Curriculum

  • Daily lesson plans
  • Assessment and grade charts

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iCC PLC/HMI trainer iCC PLC/HMI trainer iCC PLC/HMI trainer iCC PLC/HMI trainer


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