Robot Palletizers

Our modular palletizing systems quickly and easily automate your end of line palletizing in a way to fit your plant configuration.

Fanuc Palletizer Robot Arm
The APT line of modular palletizing solution was engineered to meet the needs of growing industries that have limited space but ergonomic needs for an automatic robot palletizing system. Growing companies face challenges: lack of workers, limited floor space, speed to reach desired throughput, plant capacity, and limited controls staff are at the top of everyone’s list. There are competitive products on the market that try to address those issues, but one of the large differentiators for the APT palletizing systems is that it addresses shipping costs, installation, and integration. 
Imagine a palletizing solution that can be brought into a factory with minimal intrusion. A system that doesn’t require expensive rigging equipment to set it in place, and a solution that works around obstacles and existing equipment without needing the existing plant to be reorganized and shut down just to hook it up. 
The APT MOD-PAL robotic palletizer solution is designed to be built and delivered quickly, shipped efficiently, integrated quickly, and get you ROI instantly. 

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System highlights

  • Modular cell design
  • Heavy payload capability for cases up to 75 lbs.
  • Rates up to 12 cases per minute
  • Product in-feed from any side
  • Cell is made from small sections for easy installation in confined areas
  • Able to work around existing obstacles
  • No need for existing equipment moved out for installation
  • Smaller components for easy shipping
  • Multiple pallet station types
  • Slip sheet placement by the robot
  • No need for expensive machine riggers to set system
  • Cost effective way to reduce labor and ergonomic issues
  • Standard 480 vac 3 phase, optional 240 vac 3 phase utilities
  • Touch screen interface for cell operation and pattern call
  • Dozens of cell configurations possible
  • Vacuum picking standard, other types available to suit the product needs
  • One day installation

Pallet handling to suit your needs

  • Floor level for pallet jack applications
  • Conveyor through for automatic exchange
  • Over/under for pallet entry and exit
  • Robot pallet exchange
Our floor level pallet corral allows the cell to operate economically in locations that do not typically have fork truck traffic. With the pallet placed directly on the floor simple pallet jack or powered “walkie” type pallet movers are all that is needed. Advanced alert signal for the cell operator to know that the pallet being built is nearing completion.
With the conveyor through pallet option a fork truck can place an empty pallet at the entry end of the cell and pick up a completed pallet at the opposite end. This option is an economical way to add pallet accumulation and ease of pallet exchange using fork trucks while keeping the built pallet load low to the floor.
The over/under pallet exchange conveyor brings all pallet handling to one common location. Using a fork truck an empty pallet is placed onto the lower level “under” conveyor. Then the fork truck simply backs out, raises the forks, and picks up the completed pallet load off the “over” conveyor.
The cell can be provided with a bulk pallet magazine to hold up to 10 pallets. When a pallet load is completed the pallet conveyor transports the load to a pick up location. The cell robot replaces the pallet by picking from the bulk magazine. This system is great for incorporating loads directly to stretch wrapping or strapping equipment for a finished load all in one footprint eliminating multiple handling of pallet loads.