Robot Palletizers

Why Robotic Palletizing with MOD-PAL?

  • 23 Pre-Engineered Configurations
  • Mix & Match Configurator
  • Integrated Slip-sheet Tooling
  • Compact Footprint
  • Easy to Use Controls
Modular Palletizer

Robotic Palletizers are used for unitizing product onto a pallet while reducing the inefficiencies of workers and the risk of ergonomic injury. Product will placed onto the pallet in uniform layers based on the pallet pattern. Pallet patterns can include column stack, interlocking, spiral and more. The weight and speed of the product as well as the overall height of the product unit load will determine the type of robot used for your application. Robot palletizers can build unit loads directly on the floor for Hand Cart management or directly onto powered conveyors for Fork Truck or AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) management. Typical configurations are designated as X in Y Out, where X represents the number of product infeed conveyors the robot will see, and Y represents the number of Unit Load Build Stations the robot work cell will have.

For more automated and faster palletizers, the robot cell may also include:

  • Pallet Magazine for storing a stack of uniform pallets that the robot will pick and place at the build station.
  • Pallet Dispenser for storing a stack of uniform pallets that will automatically dispense one at a time to the build station.
  • Slip Sheet Magazine for storing a stack of layer/deck/slip sheets that the robot will pick and place as it builds a unit load.
  • Slip Sheet Dispenser for storing a stack of layer/deck/slip sheets that will be presented automatically to the robot to pick and place as it builds a unit load.
  • Pallet Dispenser with Integrated Deck Sheet Dispenser which will automatically dispense one pallet at a time with a deck sheet to the build station.

Our pre-engineered MOD-PAL system will drastically reduce the time it takes to deliver a palletizing system to you as well as the risk that can oftentimes be present with custom engineered equipment. We have 23 pre-engineered solutions ready to discuss with you, but still design the robot tooling and manufacturing sequence to fit your operation.


Our engineered gripper also handles both slip sheets and pallet placement.


Control and human operator interface are often overlooked when choosing equipment, but this is an area where we excel. Our systems are easy to interact with, easy to troubleshoot, easy to changeover with stored recipes, and easy to maintain and keep running.

Which Application is Best for You?


Case Palletizer

The APT MOD-PAL-CASE can handle up to 15 cpm in single picks and 3-4 times that rate with multiple picks!



Pail Palletizer

The APT MOD-PAL-PAIL can handle up to 10 ppm depending upon the product weight and size.



Bag Palletizer

The APT MOD-PAL-BAG can handle rates up to 25 bags per minute. It can be ordered with custom grippers for bags and bundles.


Some examples of bagged products include: Pellets, Powder, Cubes, Granules, Food.


Which type fits your needs?


FANUC Robotic Palletizer

The MOD-PAL Features:

  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Prevent injuries with ergonomic design
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Automatic robot palletizing system
  • Pre-engineered designs, custom built to your needs
  • Integrated to your existing equipment
  • Cost-effective palletizing solution



The new CRX, along with other collaborative robots offered by FANUC, will allow a company to become the DIY of palletizing.

  • A simple palletizing solution
  • Easy changeover by teaching the robot pick and place points
  • Standard tooling, or custom engineered tooling for your application
  • FANUC CRX collaborative robot palletizer
  • Easy to program interface
  • Integrated with your existing equipment
  • Do-it-yourself palletizing solution


FANUC Robotic Palletizer

APT is and has always been a custom machine builder, just specify exactly how you want it!

  • Designed and built as a turnkey packaging system, from case packing to stretch wrapping
  • Custom designed mechanical and electrical, all prints provided
  • Integrated with premium components:
    • Conveyors
    • Box Erectors
    • Pallet Dispensers
    • Slip Sheet Dispensers
    • Strap or Stretch Wrappers

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