Training Equipment

Advanced Manufacturing CERT Cell (AM-CERT)

The AM-CERT is an adaptable robot training cell that will teach level 1, 2, and 3 FANUC CERT curriculum. This is real-world manufacturing for your school.

Machine Tending Education Cell Simulator (MTEC-SIM)

The MTEC-SIM is a compact, budget friendly version of the MTEC and teaches programming of a robot to CNC machine tool in a simulated environment.

Machine Tending Education Cell (MTEC)

The MTEC is a FANUC Certified, advanced manufacturing, CNC Load/Unload system; complete with curriculum and training for your students to integrate and program a CNC and Robot.

Connected Smart Manufacturing (CSM™)

The CSM is an intelligent manufacturing system using the latest industry 4.0 connected advanced manufacturing equipment and training problem-solving and integration skills similar to what your students will see upon graduation.