APT Training Center Completes 4th Year

HICKSVILLE—APT Manufacturing Solutions completed its 4th year of their High School Training Center. Eight students from Hicksville and Fairview High School completed their requirements at the training center, located in the APT facility and instructed by APT employees.

Throughout the school year, the students spent 2 hours per day at APT, logging hours on various skilled tasks with APT employees as instructors. The students worked “hands-on” in every area of our machining, fabrication, and automation divisions. This year, their capstone project involved using every department to design and machine a dice tray, then programming a robot to pick and place the die into their trays. They then showcased their projects first to a local middle school STEM class, and then to family members and school officials.

Five of these students will return next year to go through a 2nd year of focused training, both in the classroom and on the floor, while a batch of 1st year students will come on board to be exposed to the world of advanced manufacturing and all it offers.

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APT will be closed for the U.S. 4th of July Holiday week, 07/01/23 through 07/09/23.
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