Training Center

In 2015 APT announced a state-of-the-art training center for high school students.There is a definitely identified skills gap in the manufacturing sector, and we believe that educating our young people is our part in aiding in a solution to the problem.

The program was in powerful partnership with Northwest State Community College, Defiance County, Hicksville School District, Hicksville Rotary, and Central Local School District. Each of these organizations contributed time and treasure to launch this brand-new program type to the Defiance County Area.

The students attend their local high school in the morning and APT in the afternoon. They are learning through both hands-on and classroom environments in the areas of manufacturing basics, machining, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electrical panel building, and robot programming. The program consists of building a robotic packaging cell for a theoretical customer.

APT believes this is the beginning of a strong foundational training program for Northwest Ohio, and that the infrastructure commitments can be used for community training as well as research and development for years to come.