Wire Form Assembly Gages

  • Check Gages for Wire Forming
  • Robust Solution; Competitive Costs
  • Veteran Design Team
  • 3rd Party Certified

APT’s wire assembly gages are precision machined and assembled attribute style gages for checking welded and / or assembled wire form / tube form assemblies.  These fixtures are designed using CAD, precision machined, assembled, and checked.  Gages are partial profile designed and built to locate the assembly per part datum scheme and check profiles of multiple wires. 


Examples include welded automotive seat frames, linkage assemblies, fuel rails, etc.  These are a must have for checking wire form / tube form assemblies.


APT is an ISO9001 certified shop, with documented quality control procedures and reliability.


  • MIC 6 or Wolverine style baseplate
  • Hard coat anodized net blocks for great wear and light weight.
  • Hardened net points / datum points for locating accuracy.
  • Clamps over datums as requested / required
  • Sliding pins and details as needed to verify harder to access points on the gage.
  • Concept approval drawing and 3D pdf provided upon po and your CAD data
  • Tooling balls / layout print (roadmap) for verification to your print.
  • 3rd party A2LA Accredited certification with each gage standard

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