Welding Fixtures

  • Robotic or Non Robotic Fixturing
  • Aluminum Baseplate
  • Hardened Contact Points
  • Adjustability of Locating Materials
  • Veteran Design Team
Welding Fixture

Whether you are welding just a few small pieces together from time to time on a bench to high volume, large assemblies on a robot cell, our welding fixtures can accurately and repeatably provide proper location for your parts to be welded. APT will design and build welding fixtures to suit your needs and budget. Our weld fixtures will greatly aid in your repeatability and part quality.


  • Some of our standard items on all fixtures (but not limited to) are:
  • MIC 6 aluminum baseplates for light weight.
  • Hardened steel contact points.
  • Aluminum bronze wear details to prevent spatter from sticking.
  • NAAMS style shims for adjustability of locating details.
  • Heavy duty manual clamps (manual weld fixtures)
  • Heavy duty pneumatic clamps (high volume / robotic fixtures)
  • Part presence sensors (as required per application)
  • Concept approval drawing and 3D pdf provided upon po and your CAD data
  • Tooling balls / layout print (roadmap) for verification to your print if requested.
  • Tack – mock up of your provided samples if requested.

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