Automation Division

Automation is the future of manufacturing and APT Manufacturing Solutions has committed to being a major player in this arena. Our machines and automated solutions have solved thousands of challenges for our customers over the years. See more of our capabilities in the pages to follow.

Stand Alone Machines

TRW Rotor Assy 5

APT is very unique in the fact that we build both standalone non robotic machines as well as robotic machines. In fact, stand alone machines is how we entered the automation industry.

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Machine Tending

Machine Tending 1

Our machine tending robots can be built to hang overhead, hang in the machine, mount to a rail system, or stand in front of the machine as an operator.

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Packaging Automation

Palletize 1

Our packaging machines will integrate into your existing line or stand alone as a new line. Our application engineers are specialized in picking, box erecting, loading, packing, case sealing, and palletizing.

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Assembly Line Automation


We pride ourselves on application engineering and outside-of-the-box ideas to solve your challenges. As an authorized FANUC integrator we have access to the most advanced technology in the world.

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Integrated Systems


APT can be a single resource for your entire automation system. We can utilize many different types of factory automation including robotic assembly, packet, and machine tending.

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Service and Support


We believe the true value in our machines and automation lines comes from our dedicated service and support team. Our team members tirelessly ensure your lines are producing quality parts.

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