Robotic Machine Tending

We can customize our machine tenders to fit your needs!

Our robotic machine tending robots can be built to hang overhead, hang in the machine, mount to a rail system, or stand in front of the machine as an operator. We can integrate with your CNC or PLC controls for clean and worry-free integration.

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Our Standard Robotic Machine Tenders feature:

  • The tri-fold guarding can be attached to either side. Available area scanner option which does not require guarding.
  • Front or side loading for Mills or Lathes.
  • Robot mounted for human interaction
  • Preloaded with load and unload program templates for simple build with no complex programming.
  • Drawer load for blank parts is safe and can be configured for other parts in the future.
  • Utilize the on board I/O built into the Fanuc LR Mate for integration to the CNC machine.
  • 120 VAC power connection with optional air compressor.
  • Built-in Kennedy toolbox for additional machine tool storage.

We can also customize our machine tenders to fit your needs!

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