Acme Screw Machinist

March 21, 2018

We are looking for an Acme screw machinist with plenty of experience setting up Acme screw machines.

The ACME screw machine machinist is responsible for set up, operation, and tending of the ACME screw machine to produce quality parts for customers. They should take pride in the parts they produce and the speed in which they do so. It is also important that they care for their machines as if it were their own. The Senior machinist teaches and mentors in the ACME department and tackles the hardest work, apprentices learn how to use the ACME machines while attending classes in pursuit of an associate’s degree.

Job Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Inspect sample work pieces to verify conformance with specifications, using instruments such as gauges, micrometers, and dial indicators.
  • Study blueprints, layouts or charts, and job orders for information on specifications and tooling instructions, and to determine material requirements and operational sequences.
  • Adjust machine controls and change tool settings in order to keep dimensions within specified tolerances.
  • Move controls to set cutting speeds and depths and feed rates, and to position tools in relation to work pieces.
  • Start lathe or turning machines and observe operations to ensure that specifications are met.
  • Select cutting tools and tooling instructions, according to written specifications or knowledge of metal properties and shop mathematics.
  • Crank machines through cycles, stopping to adjust tool positions and machine controls to ensure specified timing, clearances, and tolerances.
  • Lift metal stock or work pieces manually or using hoists, and position and secure them in machines, using fasteners and hand tools.
  • Replace worn tools, and sharpen dull cutting tools and dies using bench grinders or cutter-grinding machines.
  • Position, secure, and align cutting tools in tool holders on machines, using hand tools, and verify their positions with measuring instruments.


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